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How To Be French
(New Holland Publishers)
While most young girls like to think of themselves as princesses, Margaret thought she was a French princess - pre-revolution of course, but the whole time/history thing didn't seem all that important to a five year old. As she grew up, Margaret gradually dismissed the princess fantasy, but never lost the desire to be French.
Thirty years later, stuck in a rut, thoughts of glamour, sophistication and exotic cheeses inspired Margaret to enrol in French lessons. At the time she had no idea that learning verbs and vocab would be just a tiny part of the experience. Learning French was less about immersing herself in the language and more about immersing herself in an alternate universe.
How to be French is based on Margaret's journey to becoming a fluent French-speaking journalist, regularly jetting off to Paris, and interviewing some of France's most famous actors and musicians.
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