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The Baby Project

Margaret Ambrose is editor of
Career: tick. Travel: tick. Relationship: tick (un-tick, tick...) babies: ...
Maybe it's a fertility issue or maybe a lifestyle choice, but an increasing number of Australian couples or singles are turning to IVF to create their families.
They want kids. And they want to know what they need to do to have them.
They don't feel sick, nor do they believe drinking a concoction of herbs while chanting will get them over the line, yet traditionally, information on the web has been either cold and clinical or airy-fairy.
The Baby Project is for people who approach their quest to have children as they would any career or life project: they want the facts, they want their options, they want to make decisions.
The Baby Project an online community of Australians who are either contemplating or undergoing IVF. Every fortnight we bring you the latest news, opinion, resources, events and facts about IVF and donor conception from Australia and around the world.
We're not the experts, but we know who they are - and we bring them to you.
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